"Dance Your Authentic Self"

A Powerful Monthly Workshop

Designed as a monthly space you can rely on to ReSet, ReConnect & Reflect.

This workshop can be repeated as many times as you like.  Each time you'll discover something new & your experience will go deeper.

Let go of your stress
Connect to your intuition
Come back to you

*** Absolutely no experience is needed ***


Described as beautiful & deep, this powerful workshop guides you back to your core. Shaking off masks & hearing your own inner wisdom so you can find answers to your questions & feel more authentically yourself.

– Intuitive Dance: Flowing, Freeing & Liberating
– Moving Body Meditations
– Reflective Journaling & Sharing Circles

** Inspired by: chi gong, yoga, intuitive dance, shamanic dance, 5 rhythms. **

MindfulBodyMovement workshops uniquely blend three elements: moving body meditation, self-inquiry & meditation. Helping you integrate your mind, body and spirit. Leaving you feeling more balanced and whole.

"It gave me so much light and clarity that I desperately needed. I left feeling freer and safer in my own body and it revealed a lot of things which I had buried deep under the surface."

Katherine B



2020 Dates:   Currently on Maternity Leave - will update dates when ready again 😉 
Once a month on Sundays
Surbiton, SW London


The Benefits

Freeing Shamanic Style Dance
If there is one thing I could share with the world it would be this.  Having spent 15yrs with depression growing up, I explored all manor of therapies and routes to find my way out.  I can hands down say that 20mins of this style of dance is the equivalent of 6 months of therapy 😉  And the best part is that you don't need to talk or 'figure anything out'.  Because what we think and feel get's stored in the body, all you have to do is you move your body and the shifts begin to happen.
** You may not be depressed - however I'd imagine that getting frustrated, pissed off, stressed out, overwhelmed etc is something you're familiar with?!  This sorts it out 😉

Flowing Intuitive Dance
Is a beautiful & magical experience that tends to lead on naturally from the above (wild shamanic type dance).  It takes you further out of your head, into your intuitive body… As you dance you’ll find yourself entering altered states of consciousness, ‘touching your spirit’, contacting the essence of life and recognising your oneness with everything that is.  To dance in this way is to move in meditation, prayer & healing.

Soul Journaling
Is an incredibly powerful way of accessing your truth.  This practice helps cut through the noise and re-connect you to your higher wisdom and clarity.  You’ll be guided into a meditative state whereby the words freeflow not from your mind but from your heart, higher self, spirit, soul…  Writing enables you to go deep, safely explore the shadows, it allows a unique space for healing, ideas and creativity to be born.



** No experience needed
You'll be guided into your own process, so you can relax into it & let go completely. 


  • Water bottle!!
  • A journal & pen
  • Cushion to sit on
  • Wear whatever you feel good in, so long as you can move easily in it

Address & Travel
Hillcroft College, 12 South Bank, Surbiton KT6 6DW
3min walk from the Surbiton Station.
Free parking along the road

The whole spectrum ;- ) World Fusion, Tribal Drumming, Bongos, Trance, Mystical Eastern Music, SpIritual Zen Sounds, Feminine Beautiful Harmonies.

Why Monthly
I figured monthly makes it easier to fit into the busyness of life, yet it’s regular enough that you can rely on it as that monthly reset & reconnect…

You can come once, occasionally or regularly. It is designed to flow with your needs.
Each time you come, you'll likely find the experience goes deeper. 

Why Women Only?
Something happens when you have a group that is only women (or only men).  It becomes safer, deeper, more sacred.  The energy changes, the experience changes. The conversations, voice and movements change.

The keys for women to thrive include: Self-Expression, Creativity, Intimacy / Community / Sharing... I want to offer that space because I feel it's massively needed.